"When I grow up I want to be a A Pilot"

Lawrence is 14 years old and was among the first group of the kids who were taken in to our first One Heart home in 2009, and is the oldest of three siblings in his family. When Lawrence first came to the home he had many behavioural issues. He was disrespectful and had a temper, he would never smile and was angry at everyone around him.

After being in the One Heart home for a few years he is now one of our happiest kids with the biggest smile! He’s caring and loving to the younger boys in the home and he even plans and runs the evening devotions at the home. Academically he has really improved aswell and is one of the brightest boys in his school. Lawrence is now focused and is determined to have a bright future, he has a keen interest in football and sport. Seeing the change in his heart and attitude has been incredible.


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